"The great paradox of time is that it is at once intimately familiar and yet deeply mysterious... To be human is to be aware of the passage of time...  Yet who can say just what time is?  ...Scientists and philosophers continue to debate just what we mean when we utter a simple phrase like 'time passes'."
- Dan Falk

SOMEWHEN is a radio documentary series investigating stories about time and memory.  From science to art to philosophy to psychology, we chase after the big questions about these elusive principles of the human condition.


Sam is the host, writer and producer of SOMEWHEN.  His long-time obsession with time and memory has led him to pursue countless creative endeavors - from films to music videos to documentary series - all leading to here.

When he's not running around with audio equipment for SOMEWHEN, Sam can be found creating documentary projects with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory or holed up in his office writing scripts.  Check out much more about his work over at his website.


Producing 30 minute investigative episodes takes a lot of work.  Sam and SOMEWHEN are currently seeking production support and investors to help create an incredible first season - one of many. 

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